Meet the speakers 2022

International scaling

Tobias Rein
Co-Founder GetYourGuide

Going big out of the "Hinterland"

Roland Brack
Founder & Investor,

Rapid growth of a startup

Melanie Gabriel
CMO of Yokoy

Swiss Entrepreneurship

Ruedi Noser
Entrepreneur, Noser Group

How to invent a programming language

David Heinemeier Hansson
Creator of Ruby on Rails, Le Mans class-winning racing driver & entrepreneur

Founders in politics

Andri Silberschmidt
Nationalrat & Start-Up Entrepreneur

How to build a unicorn

Maren Schlieper
CSO, wefox

Profitably scaling a global brand - 2022 edition

Christian Hauth
CEO, air up

How growth changes the company

Mathis Büchi Ginzbourg
Co-Founder & Chairman, Taxfix

The future of blockchain

Cédric Waldburger
Tomahawk.VC Investor

Decades as a successful entrepreneur: How do you still innovate?

André Lüthi
CEO, Globetrotter

Diversity as a success factor

Sandra-Stella Triebl
Founder & CEO, Swiss Ladies Drive

The relevance of Swiss Startups

Michael «Mike» Künzle
Stadtpräsident Winterthur

From Internet in 1999 to Bitcoin in 2012 to longevity today

Marc P. Bernegger
Founding Partner, Maximon

How 10 million euros helped to grow further

José Amado-Blanco
Co-founder & CIO, yamo

How growth changes the company

Christian Grossmann
CEO & Co-Founder, Beekeeper

Security of tomorrow

Sandra Tobler
Co-Founder and CEO, Futurae

Decades as a successful entrepreneur: How do you still innovate?

Thomas Binggeli
Founder & CEO, Thömus

Map to the Metaverse – A Blueprint for Business

Kim Koszuszeck
Client Solutions Manager CH, Meta

Creating better meat than animals. From start-up to the fastest growing alternative protein company in Europe.

Pascal Bieri
Co-Founder, Planted


Teddy Amberg
Partner, Spicehaus Partners

The Swiss startup ecosystem

Silvan Krähenbühl
Swisspreneur Podcast Host, Founder and Investor

Innovation in bioengineering

Daniela Marino
Co-Founder & CEO, Cutiss

Why ecosystems matter for growth

Raphael Tobler
President, Swiss Startup Association

Clear road map: Why a value-oriented strategy is essential for a startup

Petra Kalt
CEO, Sympanorm

Our promise: 100% value-driven

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