A team on a mission

We are a team of 45 passionate people, many of whom are entrepreneurs themselves and organize the Startup Nights 2022 in our spare time. Purely out of passion.

We are convinced that startups and innovation must be much more present and valued in Switzerland – because it is they that shape the future.

With the Startup Nights, we want the Swiss startup ecosystem to grow. Further, we want to create awareness for startups and their innovations whose impact reaches far beyond the startup scene.

The people who make this amazing event happen

Our marketing team makes everything visible.

Alyssia Kugler

Head Marketing and Communications

Laura Matter

Content and Social Media

Nathan Brechbühl

Content Creation Video Graphics

Tabita Sager

Photo and Video

Daniel Moser

Lead Social Media

Roger Basler

Digital Marketing

Jeannette Thums

Partner documentation

Micha Neumair

Social Media Content

Natalie Rotschi

Lead Website Content

Clément Dumont

Content Creator Video

Cédric Bron

Ambassador France

Mischa Jörg


Nadine Ungricht

CRM Manager

Our programme team selects the most inspiring and most valuable speakers and workshops.

Benjamin Vidas

Head Programme

Jonathan Hanhart


Justyna Rydzewska


Daniela Rickenbacher

Lead Startup Stage

Julian Stylianou

Startup Pitching Competition

Lukas Gamper

Matchmaking Plattform

Johannes Hofer

Lead Speakers

Graziana Müller

Lead Speakers

Adrian Tureatca

Startup Worlds

Our infrastructure team makes sure that we all meet in an inspiring, functional and secure environment.

Michael Kubli

Head Infrastructure

Thomas Caspar


Tobias Murbach


Oliver Rau

Food and Beverage

Demian Holderegger


Livia Arena

Visuals / Signage

Raquel Ruiz


Without our operations team we would get lost in our visionary making.

Daniel Caspar

Head of Operations

Jan Guddal

Head of staff

Manuela Serena

Head of finance

Pascal Angst


Michelle Nguyen

Onboarding & Tools

Fabio Furrer


Josephine Junker-Oels

Bookkeeping Creditors

At the heart of our organisation is our partnership team: They ensure that we create synergies that serve all.

Raphael Tobler

Head Partnerships

Noah Schuppli

Team Lead Partnerships

Oliver Hess


Marco Pereira


A regional club on a national mission

Our team and the organisation of the Startup Nights are an initiative from the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur (ECW) – a regional club with a mission that can’t be achieved within geographic borders. But our roots are in Winterthur and so are our activities.

Apart from the Startup Nights, the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur:

  • organises community and networking events
  • supports female entrepreneurship
  • offers free workshops and consulting for early stage startups
  • and always has an open ear for founders who need advice or access to our network
More about Entrepreneur Club Winterthur