Our keynotes are passionate about the startup ecosystem: Startup founders, startup supporters, and other inspiring personalities share their experiences, insights, and personal stories with the audience.

What you can expect from this format:

  • Inspiration to start or go on with your startup
  • Insights into a startup journey
  • Facts about the Swiss startup ecosystem


In the panels we have discussions and conversations about specific topics that affect startups.

In this format, you can expect know-how about topics that will be important for your startup journey like:

  • fundraising experiences
  • finding the right co-founders
  • building a brand
  • etc.


The startup pitching session is open to startups. They can apply in advance and will – hopefully – get selected to pitch their idea in front of investors and industry experts.

In this format, selected startups can pitch their ideas in front of

  • investors
  • experts
  • and a large audience

Leaders brunch

The Leaders brunch is for a handpicked group of leaders in startups, SME, corporates and investors. The brunch will be inaugurated by National Council Andri Silberschmidt.

What you can expect from this format:

  • a valuable opportunity to network with other startup CEOs, exchange experiences, discuss challenges and share knowledge, contacts and ideas.
  • Note: For this event you can’t sign up. So if you get invited, you know that you are someone special! 😉

Startup world

In the Startup World, about 200 startups will present themselves with a booth to interact with interested visitors, investors, corporates, and more. That way they can get feedback on their product and establish contacts that will be of use for their future journey.

What you can expect from this format:

  • a lively area where startups, innovative SME, corporates and participants create synergies.


Our workshops are tailored to the needs of startup teams. Don’t miss this chance to grow!

What you can expect from this format:

  • value-driven free of charge workshops that support the growth of your startup with topics such as
    • how to approach investors
    • how to get media coverage
    • how to ace your next pitch
    • etc.


Founders and investors get exclusive access to the matchmaking platform so that they can match and meet to talk about a potential partnership.

What startups can expect from this format:

  • a fully automated app that will help founders to find investors who share their goals and support them with capital, network, and knowledge

What investors can expect from this format:

  • a fully automated app that will help investors to find high-potential startups that fit their profile

Fireside chats

Founders sit together in a cosy lounge on stage to have a personal chat about their startup journey.

What you can expect from this format:

  • valuable insights into the life of a founder
  • raw stories directly from founders with no moderator or host

Swisspreneur PodcastLive-Sessions

Silvan Krähenbühl, host of the Swisspreneur Show, records the interviews for the podcast directly on stage. He talks to Switzerland’s most talented founders to uncover their secrets to success.

What’s in it for you?

  • You’ll learn from successful founders even before the podcast episode is released
  • You get the exclusive opportunity to ask your own questions to the podcast guest


With 200 handpicked guests, we are having an exclusive gala dinner prior to the Startup Nights.

Here, important relationships can be established so that the second meeting at the Startup Nights has a solid foundation for deeper conversations. By invitation only.

What’s in it for you?

  • If you are an invited guest, you can be sure to make exclusive high-level contacts with founders, investors and other business-relevant players in a more private environment.
  • A density of people with big visions, valuable experience and inspiring mindsets.
  • And of course a delicious dinner.