«Startups and Winterthur: a win-win situation! As part of the Zurich economic region and thanks to its location close to the ZHAW and its spirit as a technology and pioneering city, the city of Winterthur offers the best conditions for startups. In return, the startups bring a breath of fresh air to the city and create jobs and especially training positions for the students of ZHAW. As a surplus, successful startups become the best ambassadors for our city.»

Michael "Mike" Künzle
Stadtpräsident von Winterthur

We are strategically well located

Winterthur is particularly centrally located and surrounded by great cities, companies and other organizations.

1 MinuteZHAW

10 MinutesZürich Airport

20 MinutesZürich City

30 MinutesETH Zürich

Perfect offices and spaces for your next big idea

The Home of Innovation is a startup space that is completely tailored to the needs of startups.

Rental contracts have no minimum term and the rental space can be easily expanded at any time. This allows startups to grow without having to move.

The rental price includes everything: WiFi, printer, coffee, meeting room, cleaning… This makes sure that start-ups can fully focus on their vision.

The renters are like a family. Over lunch, in the hallway or at community events, people meet, exchange ideas and share experience and advice.

The Technopark focuses on supporting startups. In addition to affordable premises with many services, Technopark inspires with its lively community and supports entrepreneurs with a tailor-made support offer.

Since 2021, a new co-working area offers newly designed, attractive spaces for networking, co-working and events.

The Technopark hosts many startup-events from partner organisations such as Genisuisse, SICTIC, Horizon Europe, Entrepreneur Club Winterthur and more.

ZHAW Winterthur

The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. With institutions in all fields – from economy and engineering to life sciences and health – the ZHAW is a source of highly qualified and practice-oriented professionals who foster innovation and are tomorrow’s startup founders.

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Entrepreneur Club Winterthur

With the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur, the region has one of the largest and most powerful startup clubs in Switzerland. The non-profit organization is committed to the concerns of startups and supports them with various events, networking and other services.

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«Bestsmile, Planted, Scewo or Designwerk have shown that Winterthur is the perfect environment for successful startups. It offers affordable office space in a prime location and - thanks to the ZHAW and its proximity to the ETH Zurich and the universities of Zurich and St. Gallen - a large number of qualified specialists.»

Samuel Roth - Director House of Winterthur

A closer look into the startup scene in Winterthur

As the first city in Switzerland, Winterthur has produced a documentary film about the local startup scene. The documentary shows how much the ecosystem has developed but also what needs to be further improved. After all, Winterthur aspires to become an even more attractive startup city.

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